rolling with the punches

I didn’t do anything. I didn’t say anything. And yet, as expected, my dad is mad at me again. Generally, our family is loving and supportive of each other. How hard can that be? There’re only three of us. My dad and I, though, we argue about triffling things; like, labor standards. How weird is that huh? 10 years from now I’d be arguing with T about that exact same thing. I love my dad so much. He just makes it so easy for me to hate him sometimes. Makes me not want to accept his calls. He’s calling to reprimand me anyway. If it’s not about answering his last call, it’d be about some imaginary slight concocted by his paranoid brain. I’ve tried dealing with it with my usual level of contempt, but that just doesn’t cut it today. Hence, this post. Ever heard of Ed Sullivan? He’s been hit by lightining 7 times! Six of the seven, while he was at work. It never made him quit his job. All those years as a park ranger, getting struck all those times, and he didn’t even think about quitting. He finally lost it though, when at age 71, he shot himself. I guess there’s only so much a person can take. No, I won’t try to kill myself. My point is, no matter how bad your day or how rough life is, you’ve just got to roll with the punches. Deal with it. We could all use a little faith. Ed waited till he was 71. We could all try a little harder.


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