beauty without the beast

Endings are new beginnings. Ivy says: In Tuesdays With Morrie it said, you have to go through your emotions like wearing a comfortable shirt. Grieve until you can’t grieve anymore. Then when you’re done, remove the shirt.

I’m relieved that the whole tumultuous affair is over. Surprisingly, I didn’t shed a tear. I must have given up long before. It’s sad and lonely, but I guess it’s just me going without what I have been accustomed to for the pst two years. I miss the kids terribly though. I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

"It is the kind of relationship with such incredible highs and lows that the world seems to spin on the mood of your beloved. Where it feels at times like you’ve caught hold of an angel’s wing and it’s burning you up but keeping you so splendidly warm, the kind of relationship that, when, years later you see someone who resembles your old beau on  street in a big foreign city, your stomach churns, though you would’t take him back for a second."   

That’s what it said on Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle.

I wish there is something really smart that I can say but my mind is blank. The anxiety of finally being able to say that I’ve moved on is crippling me. Until that time, borrowed words will do. This too shall pass and my time will come. Right Jay? 


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