heartbreaker heartbroken

422333591_9a9157c8aa This photo was emailed to me by Jay. I guess it’s to find some twisted humor in having my heart broken and to let me know that I am not the only broken hearted person in the world. I couldn’t resist posting it. I find it witty and amusing. I am a heartbroken heartbreaker. I am not bragging. I think everyone has earned bragging rights to being a heartbreaker. It’s not a big deal. You have at some point broken someone’s heart. Being a heartbreaker doesn’t make you a hottie. How shallow of those who think so. And no one is immune from heartbreak. I think heartbreak is good. I’m not being sadistic. It keeps us grounded. Philosophically, everything in moderation is good. The "guy-who-stole-my-magic" has impeccable timing. He gave the ultimate gotcha a few weeks before christmas. It’s all good though. At least he played it fair. I know this is going to sound cliche but all is fair in love and war. I didn’t cry nga diba? I can just imagine how miserable my life would be if we ended up together and he couldn’t be faithful. Did you know that it’s true that everything we needed to know to survive in life is taught in grade school? Let me educate you. We were taught to add, subract, multiply, spell, put words together to form sentences, share, compete, make-do, pray, analyze, bully, and play nice, during primary and tertiary education. Even breaking up is Grade 4 science. Remember nothing is ever displaced until it is replaced? Got my point? Einstein was a grade school dunce but that didn’t stop him from grasping the concept. It shouldn’t be too hard for most of us. Didn’t Sherlock Holmes always say, "It’s elementary, Watson.." after he has solved the mystery. Hmm.. curiouser and curiouser.. Convinced? I am. Schooling does prepare us for life. My advice: Stay in school. Don’t bunk it. I may be heartbroken but it doesn’t mean I’m still sad. Sure the first 2 days were dark as hell but I pulled through it. I didn’t do it on my own though, I had a great support group. I’d like to thank ♥ Lai for always having my back and reining me in when I felt like lashing out. ♥ Ivy for spiritually enlightening me: if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. ♥ John for the alcohol boost and movies. ♥ Jay for the company and sarcasm. ♥ Diane and Annoi for "bad sya mare!" ♥ Regan for the looong sun cell telebabad sessions. ♥Okbit for making sure I still know I’m hot. ♥ Kai and Shannon for listening to my crappy jokes in between APR’s and CPP’s. ♥ Nyl for the "stars". ♥ Ian for the thwarted DVD marathons (haha) ♥ Rockstar Roque for making me look forward to going to work and ♥ #1, just because.. My mind isn’t blank anymore and I’m happy. I hope you are too babe. Merry Christmas!


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