chasing pavements

Ms. Di Feeney was right. I was chasing pavements. Yet again. It is a B-girl trademark. We just love banging our heads unto walls (not literally). I remember Annoi saying: ‘enough na sweet’. That was kinda stupid seeing as she couldn’t get enough herself. Neffy is always the lucky one. Well, maybe not; she’s been robbed twice since I got back here.

I never say "enough" because there’s always a possibility for more. Yeah, I gave up. He just made it easier to rather than to hang on.

The Annoi Doctrine holds merit. It never worked for her, for Di, why did I ever thought it’d work for me. It has now been abandoned and superseded by the T Doctrine. Opposites always attract, age ain’t just a number.

I’ll wallow in the quagmire for now then I’ll say it’s over when I’m ready.

Here’s to the wounds, that never heal, to my luckless romance, my hopeless dream. Damn, it’d feel so good when all this finally stops.   


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