enough of that..

Soo many booboos over the evening.. I can’t stand it.. haha.. i’m so screwed.. to think it all began with an innocent text message!!! aaarrggghh!!

i don’t think i can keep the secret any longer.. i might implode! annoi where art thou?? hahaha..

i think i’ll need to take a break from general rules, exceptions, and requisites..

oh yeah, just an after thought, can every one please stop asking me how atty is.. it’s been 5 months, get over it!! i’m so sick and tired of people asking me how he is.. if you happen to have seen us somewhere, together, since i got back, i assure you, it’s purely coincidental..

if you really need to know how he is and you don’t have his number, try thinking really hard about it.. he might pick up on the vibes and send you an answer.. be receptive..

ok.. that’s settled.. i hope i’m never asked how he’s doing again, and i hope his friends stop talking to me about how him and i should get back together whenever i run into them..

i just wanna move on………………………………………………………………


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