What a ‘koinkidink’..

Beautiful weather is in Manila today. It’s windy and not too sunny. Doesn’t look like rain either. How perfect. *sarcasm*

A very young, but very wise person told me once that "you meet the
worst kind of people during rebound". I wanted to argue and say that
it’s not true. Good thing I didn’t. He is so darned close to being
proven right.

I am seriously getting tired of the vicious cycle of breaking up and
getting back together again. I’ve got a million and one things on my
mind. 4 Bar Sundays in September. 7 subjects to review, barely 4 months
left to cram. A beach wedding in October. Documents i need to get
processed. The hot word war going on in school that is yet to die down.
And now this impending break-up.

I hate getting a text message that reads: "I’m sorry anabelle whats
happening sa atin. Hope to talk to you soon.. Goodnight
". What does
that mean exactly? Again, you gotta hate technology. It makes
everything easy and ironically, complicated.

It’s not fun being thousands of miles away from the person you’re
dating. Yes, distance is such a challenge. I thought I’d found a way
around it with the short but sweet phone calls, IM’s, text messages. Up
until now, text messages i got from him are saved in a folder in my
phone that I could easily access when I felt sad, or lonely, or just
plain missing him. I’m in a heck of a drought. It’s a small sacrifice
I’m willing to go through for him.

But then what does a girlfriend do when she knows that he guy isn’t happy with her anymore?   
I can’t break up with him. I can’t even big myself to break his heart.
Again. I don’t really have a problem breaking hearts. I break
fastboy’s heart at least once a week. Eman’s more  than thrice a week.
Not HIM. He’s such a nice, sweet guy. It’s not about pity either and my
conscience isn’t kicking in. I know it doesn’t really show, but i do
love him like crazy, that’s why I can’t break his heart, again. I’d
rather he break mine instead. It takes so little to make him happy. I’d
like to give him that. More than that, I’d like him to be happy with me
but I don’t know how to do that. Not when I’m so far away and busy with
review.  *sigh*

The very young, but very wise young person met his current girlfriend
during rebound. While he was rebounding, he met me. What a coincidence.
I am the worst of this kind.


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