a beautiful accident

since i have short term memory loss at the worst instances, i’d like to post this now for posterity’s  sake.

i will never ever forget that i made jr bust a groove on the dance floor, next to elmer whatshislastname. that, and that he actually dragged me back to the dance floor so that he could teach me to ‘swing’. swing, as in the ballroom dance, swing!! haha. who would have thought?! to think that i was thinking of skipping the party.

babe don’t get mad if i told you the party sucked. didn’t want you to think that i was having great fun with lawyers when you aren’t around. for whatever it’s worth, i did ask you if you wanted to join us but you were in a lawyer’s meeting. i’m not sure if you still peek in once in a while but if you do get to read this, don’t get mad ok? i don’t wanna argue anymore. *kiss*


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