doctrine of “pure of heart”

am almost done.. two more sundays to go..  the tax exam totally stole my mojo.. how taxing.. <<corny!!>> if i ever have to go through that again, i’d be going through life negativing mojo.. *ouch*.. truliness, successfully hurdling the bar is a matter of stamina. every waking moment is spent praying; nakukulitan na nga ata si God sakin..

in an effort to garner enough good karma to pass the bar, my friends and i have formulated a new doctrine: the doctrine of “pure of heart”. it’s relatively simple. you just have to be nice. all the time. to every one. you can’t lose your temper. you can’t be bitchy. you can’t be choosy. you can’t crack mean jokes. you can’t curse. you can’t react to private jokes. you can’t even entertain a single evil though.

i say relatively simple because it really isn’t. imagine forcing a smile, let alone be nice, to the very same people who make your skin crawl. oh the agony. taking the bar is hard enough, imagine how terrible it is not to tigbak anyone when you constantly do it. but of course, you can’t be ‘nice’ all the time. i have lapses. just goes to show, no matter how long you try to be good, you can’t keep a bad girl down. <<ABUNDANCE!! *clap*clap*clap*>>

gotta hit the pre-weeks but before i do, i’d like to thank those who have helped me and continue to do so — because even a superwoman needs a superman; and super friends.. i wouldn’t survive the bar month if not for my friends..



*atty.barbaso*atty.rico*ate rics*roselyn*piolo*tina*nesh*monchang**iza*yotits*


*jaja*atty.gonzales*manong guard sa SC*

if we were sitting in the living room

and we both wanted to go out and eat

but we were both on a diet

but we both really wanted to go out to eat

but we both had no money

but we both really, really wanted to go out to eat

we’d go out to eat

*you encourage me to go after what i want*

if i was moping and you asked what the matter was

and i told you everything that was going wrong

and you told me not to be so sad

and i told you more things tha were going wronger

and you told me to try not dwell on the negative

and i started to whine

you’d tell me to get over myself

*you give me the truth when i need it!*

if i was busy and i didn’t get in touch with you for a while

and i was still busy and i finally got in touch with you

you’d ask me no questions, lay no guilt trips

you’d just be happy to hear from me

*you are the king/queen of understanding*

you are such a good friend and i am so lucky to have you..

thank you..

oh.. almost forgot.. shout out to dats!! =D


2 thoughts on “doctrine of “pure of heart”

  1. kewlness.. mare, i saw the list and kudos to you! you are speaking, writing and definitely thinking nice judging by the names therein! wehehe.. stop me! i’ve had my fair share of that doctrine!

  2. hey S.. hmm.. you saw a name which shouldn’t have been there?? there are only 2 i know, but i could be wrong, and they’re bith guys.. hahaha..

    jeez, help me with rem?? can you take the test in my stead?? hehehe.. i’m excited.. am anticipating monday, sept. 29th..

    mishoo and labshoo ma!! take care..

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