You all know what a dean’s lister is: people who make the cut; those who are smart enough to par the bar set by the school to graduate with honors. In FEU Law, there is an official associate dean’s list. These are people who flunk out in a subject or two, or those who don’t quite reach the individual QPI; students who need to petition the associate dean to be allowed to be readmitted, take extra courses, drop courses, and other analogous circumstances. In other words, these are people who need “special guidance”.

It’s common knowledge that I gravitate to smart minds (except for a few dumb ones I dated). It’s not really a case of opposites attract, contrary to popular belief, I’m not a complete ditz. Marc (mk for brevity), my boyfriend, is a dean’s lister while I, am a consistent associate dean’s lister. Nope, am not too proud. I am the class beadle who shouldn’t have been and I wore jeans, sleeveless tops, short skirts, and open toed sandals upto my last day despite the IL dress code. I have fond memories of running into an empty classroom at the sound of Atty. Pagui’s voice, or the distinct click of her heels. Sadly, she always manages to “confront” me. It’s not easy running in ‘em 4-inch heels over ‘em waxed floors.

Going back. There are a hundred thousand things about mk that fascinate me and a handful that messes with my quirks. Mk is the most thoughtful and helpful boyfriend I’ve ever had. He gives in to my every whim, doesn’t laugh at them, and complies without me even having finished my sentence. No, he’s not a push over. He just loves me so much. He goes that extra mile; and when I think that there’s no room to go even further, he goes that extra inch. He just keeps on pushing the envelope. He also knows the right buttons to push to tick me off.

Our relationship isn’t perfect, but it’s damn close. We haven’t had a single fight since we started dating. EVER. That’s about 3 months now. I think that’s amazing. I can be a total bitch sometimes and I wonder how he keeps himself from blowing his top off. Kudos for his patience!

“Don’t ignore the obvious.” That’s what’s written on the page I randomly flipped though in “The Book of Answers” when I asked, “Is mk a good catch?” I know I’m just ranting. I just so so badly wanted to make a post about him and I have all these great things I have in my head that I wanna write about him but can’t because I’m still suffering from post-traumatic-bar-stress-syndrome.

The best thing I probably absolutely love about him is that he gives me hope. No matter how crappy my day is; and no matter how badly I wanted to pick a fight with him, he’d do something or say something that’d make me not so mad and just let it go. The most endearing thing he did was to buy me 3M pizza, from Fairview (he lives in Marikina, by the way) just cause it’s my favourite. We didn’t even think 3M still has a stall open. I could swear they’ve folded. But anyhow, he got them for me. That’s pure labor of love.

I guess I’ll stop here. I’m not known for being the girlfriend who gushes about her boyfriend.

Love you to pieces MK.. *huuuuug*



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