7 days of nirvana on earth

Jeez. Got the dapitan trip hangover and am missing the people I was there with.Lai is right. Jordanne’s wedding is one for the books.

Their home town is marvelous and the company, nothing short of perfect. We did all the traditional touristy stuff: went to where Jose Rizal was exiled, Dakak (that fantabulous resort), the church where Rizal heard mass (weird, I always thought he was not welcome in church; t’was the same church carlo and jordanne got married in; how’s that for history eh), met a lot of new friends, hiked up ilaya, ate tins and tins of oysters, rode the local transpo, sampled the local street food (inihaw na banana coated in margarine and sugar. Flash report! Just got a text message, it’s called saging na ginanggang), hung out at Gloria, got drunk, laughed our asses off, and just had a darned great time.

Must not forget THE WEDDING! The reason we were all there in the first place. It is the wedding that would be the bar to measure up to in terms of 1L weddings.

Everything was a blast. Poking fun at the “star bitch” was a blast. Even jordanne’s family hated him. Can’t believe they still talk about him till now. I always thought joseph would forever occupy the “star bitch” throne until he “came” into our lives. Sorry seph, you’ve been de-throned. He’ll be more popular in hell than I’ll ever be. He can be the “star bitch” for all I care just as long as I remain the cutest fascist ever!!

Now I think thank you’s are in order. the chans the bajamundes the antonios ♦. Am so grateful. T’was a trip of a lifetime.


9 thoughts on “7 days of nirvana on earth

  1. okies.. don’t really know a lot of people there but go ahead, who is this former colleague and what do u wanna know about the person? =D

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