what’s in my bag??

people keep on asking me why i always have a ginormous bag.. it’s cause i have a lotta stuff i need handy..

  • wallet – gotta have the cash (or card) wherever i go
  • mobile phones – n96 for etisalat and the 3110 classic for roaming
  • cybershot – camwhore’s gotta have a cam
  • marls ultra lights – never leave home without it
  • lighter and gum – goes wherever the ciggies go
  • hand sanitizer – OC lang
  • hairbrush – you never know when you might need it
  • evian facial spray – moisturizes, refreshes AND tones! hah!
  • vanilla orange blossom body spray – to disguise that disgusting “yosi” smell.. filthy filthy habit..

so, what’s in yours? =D


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