sumthin’sumthin’ and all that shebang

*This is my law school yearbook writeup. Yeah, i know. It’s totally psycho. Get a laugh at my yearbook creative shot. No, i wasn’t really naked. Had a tube top on and shorts. Fooled you eh?*


CONCURSO IDEAL :: a doctrine in criminal law which occurs when a single act gives rise to various infractions of the law. — Gamboa v. Court of Appeals, L-41054, Nov. 23, 1975; 68 SCRA 314

Abbey is a walking controversy; from the stunts and schemes she pulls to get a free cut for her class (and the occasional recitation ceasefires), to the people with whom she is associated with, or the odious comments she eventually gets wind of. An unswerving rule breaker, and an enduring charmer, she never ceases to stun those around her with her sharp and wag antics. Her blog, recognized for her creative writing style, wit and insight, is just one of her many claims to IL fame.



  1. A star in her own right (A star is a simile/metaphor (depending on the use of as and/or like) of a popular person. Under the scrutiny of the judges, a star is a public figure. And a public figure according to the norm and the law deserves less privacy.)
  2. Relentlessly pursued.
  3. Sumthin’, sumthin’, all that shebang.


  1. Being the supportive cheerful friend
  2. Trying to act like a responsible adult.
  3. Experiencing a lucid interval.


  1. When being a friend she may also be the devil.
  2. When going through belated rebellion
  3. Is momentarily retarded.

There’s a little bad in all of us, Abbey’s just more upfront about it.


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