25 Random Things About Me


01. I fell into a manhole in front of UST when I was in college. The whole of Espana was flooded. Floods were the strangest thing to me back then, and i didn’t know they suspended class. So, I went to school, got off the jeepney, waded in in the flood, and plop!!

02. when we were kids, yen and i had a terrible fight over Pink 5 (of the infamous Bioman series). She has always been Yellow 4 and then one day she wanted to be Pink 5! Nag away kami!

03. My hair is naturally curly.You can’t imagine how long it’d take me to fix my hair before i discovered the hairdryer and the amazing-but-oh-so-practical Denman brush.

04. One time during bar review, di feeney and i had to rush home because i had a bad tummy and just as i drove closer to our street, there was an old lady who walked ever so slowly. She even stopped in front of the car, gave di and me a dirty look, then inched away, totally ignoring the urgency of my “situation”.
05. i’ve barged in on a men’s toilet in a bar (which shall remain unnamed) to throw up. Surprise, surprise! Olsen Racela was there taking a leak. To defend myself I told him: “sorry dude, nasusuka lang!” and dawdled past him to a free cubicle.

06. i flew off a motorcycle the first time i rode it. In front of Ahoy There along Timog Avenue. “Evel” Knievel kind of stunt. I was so shit scared i stopped seeing the guy right after and never rode another motorcycle ever since. But, but, the whole thing didn’t stop me from attending class the following day. It was a Saturday and we had credit transactions at 9am. *wink*

07. Whenever I’d go home to Dubai, I’d always break up with whomever I was dating when I left. Except T (We broke up after 2 homecoming trips). It always happens. Must be the salt in the ocean between me and the guy that corrodes the relationship.

08. I’ve numerous run ins with the law but the most memorable are when i got caught smoking weed at the mall, and the other for “making out” in a car.

09. i’ve crashed my car into this guy’s car just because he walked away from me in the middle of
an argument.

10. i’m a certified drama queen. Once during an argument with rc ramiro, in the middle of an Espana traffic jam, i got off the car, and had rc follow me across the street. Leaving behind the CRV running with the doors open. Not door unlocked, but doors open. Lai certified me. Lols.

11. i used tawas (alum) on my face for like the longest time thinking it was johnson’s baby powder when i was a kid vacationing in manila. i dunno why my tita does that (put tawas into an empty baby powder bottle!)

12. when i was in san beda law, i’d wear knee high boots and micro minis which would invite my professors’ curiosity making them call on me to recite. i recited twice as much as everbody else. I stopped wearing boots and micro minis to class after that realization.

13. i once coaxed my childhood buddy, pauline tesorio, to jump off the roof of our villa. she did! she survived and she didn’t even hurt herself.

14. until last week, i cut my own bangs. the guy at david’s cut my bangs when i went for a haircut last week.

15. in ust, i answered my spanish final in french because i didn’t study. i got an incomplete and i had to retake the exam. professor soresca offered me a job to teach french after graduation.

16. i’ve been on tv a lot of times. the most memorable was in “debate” where i didn’t say a thing. hahaha.

17. up until my second year in college, my parents thought i was studying a course leading to medicine.

18. i never (emphasis on the word NEVER!) made any of my assignments in legal forms. i would, however, be the one to look for the forms my friends would copy from.

19. nobody taught me how to read. i started reading komiks and liwayway when i was three years old.. *jologs*.

20. close friends from law school describe me as “strike anywhere” because my tummy would ache at the oddest times. i always (ALWAYS) have antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer with me.

21. i’d CM (camwhore) every chance i get and i’d take a photo with any celebrity i’d run into. i even have a photo with dolly anne carvajal.. *sicko*

22. i looooooove watching wowowee!!!

23. i used to bully jimmy bagatsing when we were in rosary school. i’d ask him to get me stuff. once, i asked him to go into the trash bin, and he did!!

24. i cheated on an exam once when i was in college. i wrote the “codigo” in arabic had it photocopied and when asked by the teacher if i was cheating with it, i said i wasn’t and that was the news letter for the foreign students. he thought i was telling the truth. i never cheated again.

25. i read the dictionary for fun, or when i’m bored. i’ve done it since i was six. now i’m into reading Black’s Law Dictionary.


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