sentimental alphabet soup

sad-fairyLetter B has had another crass realization. She is still in love with letter X. Even after the two failed letter M’s, she still can’t shake it. It’s just annoying that he’s happy and getting along great, getting everything he wants and she’s in a rut. She knows the plan: don’t go checking for a pulse; if it’s dead, it’s dead. But, she’s not checking for a pulse. She knows one can’t recapture what once was. That’s the reason people take photos. Hoping to capture the moment; stop time somehow. Make an image or memory so vivid, it obscures the moment.Being with him again would be like having her thumb on a big red button she doesn’t want to push.

Why can’t exes be horribly ugly after you’re done with them?? Instead they look even hotter making you want to snort coke and put your head in your a** for letting them go.

B is thinking if M2 is feeling bad about their cyber-break-up. Prolly not. One thing’s sure: it was a gutless and pathetic stunt. It was a coward’s way out but one jerk move deserves a bitch’s. A break-up is a break-up. You can’t sugar coat that turd. She can’t help it if she’s a total horror show.

B has a hole in her heart where L should be. Or maybe she needs a P in her V. Before seeing the movie “You Changed My Life” she might have said she was happy. She feels empty now. She’ll be happy again tomorrow..

B is luckier than most but not as lucky some.


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