What is the greatest change you’ve done in your life?


Trying to resurrect the B survey, I texted friends about the greatest change they’ve done in life. =D. To everyone who responded, thank you. Well, nefy was the only one who didn’t reply.

abbey llanes : fearing the fear but doing it anyway.

lawrence see : my hairstyle and smoking

karen chua : had my hair done

RL rabanera : setting myself free from stressful relationships

Bem remo : to be in love [ang corny talaga ni bem]

Anel diaz : weight loss.. hehe.

Ferdie flores : I’m going to patiently wait for love to come instead of rabidly looking for it

Jordanne chan : my status. By far that’s really the biggest.

Julius : hi abby kta tayo bukas [haha.. so out of the blue.. didn’t even answer the survey]

Jay foz : nag g-gym nako hehe

Dianne feeney : 2 jobs, hands down. Oh, and 2 hours of sleep during weekdays

Avel : letting go. Naks

Delio aseron : take the road less travelled by ..

Ivy san diego : literally changing my lifestyle from the food I eat, sleeping habits, type of work and even places I go to so that I can adapt to my health needs.

Gerely rico : when I finally mustered the courage to approach the guy I really like. Hahaha. [kinikilig pa ata si atty rico =D]

Berto santos : wala pa biggest change.. such a loser

Dato arroyo : ano sagot ng mga tao dun?

Anoi monteza : aside sa aking newly-relaxed-makabutas-bulsang hair? I think, I’m sronger todat than yesterday. Today lang ha. Hehe

Chyle corpus : to find something to be thankful for each day kahit small things lang.


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