pushing thirty

yummy yummy cake

yummy yummy cake

i woke up this morning with 9 missed calls and 81 messages on my mobile.. sweet.. today is my 29th birthday.. funny, i don’t feel old.. no, not in denial.. wonder how many celebrations i’ll have this year for my birthday?? last year i had three.. just a lil sad cause my mom and my dad aren’t here to celebrate with me.. and i’m “sojourning” aka “stuck” here in manila.. yes seth, money is cold comfort in the absence of love, great that i have both!! now stop trying to pick a fight me, it’s my birthday!! i love being me.. thank you.. 😀 —————————————————————————————————————————– abbey thanks: mom and dada ♥ ninang (isa lang naman ninang ko) ♥ lai dumama ♥ chyle corpuz ♥ zm escara ♥ nesh♥ yen escara david ♥ pat del rosario ♥ melai caparas ♥ cherry del rosario ♥coreen nefalar ♥ di feeney ♥ jaja ruckenbrod ♥ paula domingo ♥ kenneth garlitos ♥ lawrence see ♥ annabelle tan ♥ ann cruz ♥ avel batungbacal ♥ erwin escara ♥ bernard longno ♥ emman pichay ♥ lee belmonte ♥ pao perez ♥ judith cruz ♥ RY yambao ♥ eric escara ♥ reigel prado ♥ tin dionela ♥ khat llanes ♥ annie llanes ♥ kathy franco ♥ don (ka chokaran sa starbucks) ♥ baristas ng sbux sa araneta-q ave ♥ ivy san diego ♥ ian berrey ♥ jasmine ruidera ♥ jimster samson ♥ lawrence rubio ♥ lawrence see ♥ joyce dimaisip ♥ bernard bandonell ♥ richmond miranda ♥ christian anzures ♥ ala noufal (we’ll enjoy the weather when i get back home, boy) ♥ kim caraan ♥ monica chua ♥ gerely rico ♥ kevin jovellanos ♥ farah romero ♥ irvin batista ♥ rhed ortiz ♥ lui ricardo-dizon ♥ marc guittap ♥ philip cabugao ♥ tin de guzman ♥ george pecore ♥ darlene arizobal ♥ pau tesorio ♥ G3 dorado ♥ grace bentor ♥ johnsen salazar ♥ justin (from emirates airlines) ♥ mitch babilonia ♥ hilda babilonia ♥ jake picache ♥ jocasta valle ♥ jay villaraza ♥ atty.g ♥ amelie rico ♥ seth malindao ♥ bob arevalo ♥ jr mercado ♥ jay foz ♥ chef addie ♥ ethel flores ♥ cacai medina ♥ janna & mon buendia ♥ grace bentor ♥ anoi monteza ♥ bambie pabilonia-evangelista ♥ yul tuozo ♥ eya gines-franciso ♥ and four or so people who greeted me a happy birthday via text and didn’t tell me who they are.. ♥ bitoy nazaret ♥ jordanne chan (who called me up long distance and talked with me for an hour, thanks ma!) ♥ tita libby (rj’s mom) ♥ lady de guzman ♥ maerille feeney ♥ erika lou kephalas ♥ jay ramos ♥ edward ocampo ♥ chats escara ♥ omar gabrieles ♥ okbit culata ♥ edwin calanog ♥ carly delfin ♥ jet salvana ♥ ricky morales ♥ loisa hadap ♥ jogs aquino ♥ celine lopez-faustino ♥ jonas pimentel ♥

ryan sia also sent me a text message but he didn’t greet me a happy birthday.. just told me that i can claim my acknowledgment receipt from the CBO so that i can claim my bar exam permit.. LAUGHTRIP!!


4 thoughts on “pushing thirty

  1. OMG, didn’t know you are close to 30. Seems like last year that we used
    to pick you up as a grade schooler. Here you go with two degrees in your bag. How time flies………….
    Dont worry of the future , the entire universe is working to get what you want,
    your bar, mr. right, and to be with your mom and dad forever.

    • hi tj!! i know tita, i remember when you used to “borrow” me from my parents and take me shopping!!! i still feel like a little girl though.. they treat me like i’m a baby.. my dad especially.. hehehe..

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