basong papel

— janis roselle ruckenbrod

gusto kitang
isilid at
ipinid sa
isang munting
basong papel

hawakan sa palad
sa kawalan

kahit pansamantala

alam kong kasya ka
pero pumayag ka kaya?

this is my first ruckenbrod original.. she posted it on her facebook page.. i didn’t understand it very well.. it took an off comment to realize that.. am really not very good with Filipino.. thanks ja, for translating your poem into English and letting me share it on my blog.. it made me feel hopeful (and like i’ve been sniffing glue) =D


i want to …
keep and
lock you
inside a tiny

hold you in
my palms
and bring you
to the horizons

even for just a

i know you would fit into
my tiny papercup
would you want
to share
piece of you
with me?


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