in search of the all spark

What. The. Eff. Is. The. All. Spark?

Some lawschool years ago, Di and I must have spent hours, not to mention a thousand pesos in globe credits to talk about our lovelives. It is our favorite past time.

I’ve seen all the transformer movies, we’ve asked drunk guy friends, googled it, sent an email to hasbro (which they totally ignored) asking about it, and 5 years after the first installment, still no concrete and sensible answer.

Spark :: [noun] a small but noticeable trace of some quality that might become stronger.

Yeah, “spark” is like miles away from “all spark” but it’s the most sensible search result I got.

Today I spent half the day reading in the middle of a coffee shop with people milling around me.

I spent half my day being surrounded by people and I still felt lonely. Have you ever felt like that? It’s like I was there but I wasn’t.

Well, I wasn’t really like this. Mom said there’d always be days like these. You know, days where I’d feel like I’ve been dragged through a pile of crap and I want to get cleaned up but there’s no water.

I feel like a void. Just a big black hole of nothing. I hope I’m just lonely and that it’s not the psychosis kicking in.

Di and I are absolutely clueless when it comes to sparks and/or all sparks. All I know is that it might be exciting to have it in our lives; and that we should compile all our silly made-up doctrines and have them published so that we’d at least be immortalized in print albeit our lacklustre and forlorn lovelives.

Happy birthday mare! Thanks for always having my back. *hugs*

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