The Return Of The Comeback

Ok. It’s been half a year since i last blogged. A lot — and i mean A LOT has happened in the few months that i haven’t blogged.


I still can’t get over it. I am officially Mrs. Abbey Llanes-dela Rosa. I never thought i’d ever get married and now i have to go through all the motions of having to change my last name in all my documentation.

Me getting married is like giving a ginormous “the finger” sign to everyone who said i’d never settle down! Hah!


That’s one of the gazzillion photos we took on our wedding. It’s one of my faves.

My husband is a really great guy. Most times. Lol. We’re still going through a period of adjustment. It used to be so hard for me to be sharing my room with someone. Now, i actually don’t mind having to wake up to someone else’s morning breath three inches from my face.

It also makes travelling a lot easier too. I don’t have to drive myself anymore. That also means i don’t have to be lugging all the useless stuff i carry around with me. But that’s not the best thing about being married to my husband.

The best is how i could be so upset about anything (most times i’m upset at him *snigger*) and he’d make everything alright by holding my hand and hugging me tight.

It won’t always be easy but I’m glad I have him to hold my hand through the rough patches.


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