about abbey

  • Female, 28.
  • Location: Quezon City, Metro Manila, PH
  • Hometown: Dubai

the best and worst of me..

[self-expressive] [philosophical] [congenial] [lonely] [frustrated] [weak] [appreciates the beautiful and refined aspects of life–music and art, literature, drama] [sensitive] [reliable] [determined] [self-sufficient] [funny] [capable] [competent] [happy go lucky] [funloving] [grouchy when i have my mood swings] [tweaked] [domineering] [grateful] [has a fine appreciation of the absurd] [loves kids] [slacker] [generous] [neurotic] [shopaholic] [crass] [female] [daughter] [friend to many] [girlfriend to one] [law student]




cacoethes scribendi translates to an insatiable urge to write. it is also a title of a poem written by justice oliver wendell holmes. while the poem didn’t cause much of an impact, the title surely did. i am a bibliophile, an audiophile, a wanderlust, a dreamer, and a hopeful — among other things. i hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as i enjoyed writing my posts.


♥ abbey


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