In what seems like a futile attempt to resurrect this blog, I tried my hand at food photography this week.

Well, it’s not really food photography but more of “playing with my food” before digging in.

I think it’s a nice prelude before truly delving in to blog posts about my restaurant adventures. “Restaurant Adventures” since I’ll be spending more time at the family restaurants. That, and because I might actually get lucky, be a camp catering doyenne, and would have to write a memoir, like most famous people do. It’ll make things easier for my future self. *wink*

A girl can dream, right?!




I miss being able to do creative stuff. I made these stars and took this shot 41 weeks ago. It isn’t really that long ago but i actually miss being able to do stuff like these.

Now i’m just boring.

Maybe am better off catching zzzzzzz’s instead of making stars. Maybe i’ll do that.

Night all. Ü

5. Looking up.


Looking up.

This photo was taken at the St. Peter The Apostle Parish in Apalit, Pampanga. Isn’t the dome just divine? It’s one the old churches in Pampanga. I must remember to post a photo of the facade. It’s grand, and beautiful, and it gives me the creeps.

I am not a very religious person. That doesn’t mean i don’t have faith though. I have faith aplenty.

Lately, I’ve been frequenting churches. Not just to pray but to work weddings.

I love working weddings because everyone is neurotically happy. It’s like christmas every week. When you see someone crying, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s tears of joy.

I love brimming romance, silly googly eyes exchanged by the newly weds, the heartwarming speeches, and flowergirls oozing with cuteness.

Weddings are long days, and we don’t make much. It sure beats sitting behind a desk everyday trying to pull crap together to make a decent pleading. Ü

Dec. 4, 2012


Black + White.

This random photo was taken in pagudpod. Glenn, ben, and myself, were — believe it or not — getting lost and frantically looking for the tour bus.

Ben was actually exasperated that i had to stop and try to get this shot. I had to! The guy was riding a pink bike and the basket in front screamed nothing but gayish.

Before this shot, the boy was engaged in a very animated convo with a girl, probably the same age as his, about getting ready for dance practice. No kidding. Rofl.

What’s in my bag 2012 and another habit.


I guess nothing much has changed. I’ve just accumulated even more junk that i lug around everyday. No wonder my shoulder hurts like hell and feels like it’s about to give away by the time i get to the gym in the evening.

Will post another “what’s in my bag” entry after a few years. I might make this an “every-four-years” habit.

Speaking of other habits, will be posting instagram photos here too. I will TRY to do it religiously. Might make it a habit before going to bed. It shouldn’t be that hard. I’m already doing fatmumslim’s photoaday challenge on instagram, might as well post them here and keep this blog active.

If you feel like being creative, try doing the challenge yourself. Check out the game mechanics here –> fmsphotoaday