i ♥..

* a list of the things i love.. a work in progress*

001. baskin robbins’ chocolate mousse royale ice cream (with chocolate sprinkles)

002. driving at 200 kph (whoohoo!!)

003. kiddies

004. marlboro ultra lights

005. watching keilah (my niece) dance

006. reading books

007. aysee sisig

008. shopping

009. sunny sunny days (like dubai weather)

010. raspberry vodka cruiser

011. gucciiiii!!

012. people watching at the mall

013. pretending to read but really eavesdropping in coffee shops

014. facebook

015. chick flicks and feel good movies

016. “how i met your mother”, “gossip girl”, “gLee”

017. smell of new books

018. hardees roastbeef with cheddar

019. ben joseph dela rosa

020. “the big bang theory”

021. hazelnut gelato

022. K by Cunanan


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